Mar 9, 2018

Something Happened at Mass


Something happened at Mass a few weeks ago that gave me food for thought. My daughter, who is just a little like me, stubborn, decided she was going to stay seated and try to bar me from the Eucharist and a blessing for Darian. I gently moved her legs and let her stay there. She was stunned, but we were holding people up and with Darian taking his first communion this year I didn't want him to miss it. Moments before I'd told her to quit playing with the kneeler and making noise. Her refusing to budge was to make me mad in return. I neither got upset nor did I punish her in any way. I simply allowed her to make her choice and to deal with the effects of it. At first, Darian was upset and pointing saying we forgot her. I told him she was fine and pointed out how we could see her at all times and that I wasn't going to force her to come with us. He looked thoughtful then he got his blessing from Father and I received the body and blood. Upon getting back we resumed our places in prayer when she began to cry.  She was honestly sorry, and a part of me felt bad for her. She wanted to get her blessing, we all do, but the moment had passed. She would have to wait for the next one. She was lucky, while we waited for our ride Father passed us by and gave us one. She was so happy and I was happy for her.

How often we do this to ourselves! Simply choosing to sit when God has a blessing waiting. How many have we missed because we were being petulant over something we did to ourselves? We act up, we daydream, we get stuck in our "feels", or whatever and as a result, we aren't paying attention to what He is doing for us. He won't force himself upon us and He has more than met us halfway. Whatever the reason we miss so much because we aren't obedient and act like tired toddles. When our kids are misbehaving we love to quote the fifth commandment to honor your father and your mother, yet here we are breaking it with our Heavenly Father. We are His children, created foremost to show God's goodness, and to share in His everlasting happiness in heaven. (Baltimore Catechism Lesson One) How often we forget how simple our calling is, and yet we struggle! People watch us. They see how we react and those that love us are often afraid when they are moving forward and we get left behind. We are also failing those who look to us as an example, if they see us acting this way what message are we sending? Not a good one. Who is to say how many people we inadvertently hurt because they see us stagnant, or because they, out of misguided loyalty, choose to stay with us in our sin? I for one don't want to think about it, the number is too high. The good news is that even when we are stubborn and refusing Him, He is still waiting for us to repent so we can be with Him and have our blessing at last. 

+In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me all the times I have failed you and have failed my children by my own stubborn will. Please help me to be a better child to you, and a better parent to them. + In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Mary, Mother of us all, pray for us.
St. Monica, pray for us.
St. Anne, pray for us.
All the angels and saints, pray for us.
Thank you, + In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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