Mar 21, 2018

Bob Gip's Cole Slaw - A Sister Weaver's Collection Recipe

We had it with ham and cheese hoagies.

This is one of those recipes in Sister Weaver's collection that would be great for a church picnic or a family reunion during the dog days of summer. It is cold and has a deliciously sweet tang and serves a crowd! The only thing I didn't do was freeze it the way the directions said to, so if you do let me know how it turns out. We still enjoyed it after just tossing the cabbage in the dressing and with only half of the recipe made there was still enough left over for the next day.The simplicity and freshness of it was a nice change to the heavier and more traditional mayo-based slaw of my childhood. One son liked it and he doesn't like mayo based anything! At any rate, it's good eatin' and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

The back of the card reads Cold Slaw Frezzer

CoLe Slaw
20 or 25 Cups 6 lb) Greated
3 TBS. SALT Mix over Cabbage
let set one Hour. Then drain

         Boil 5 1/2 Cup Sugar
         2 1/2 Cups Vinegar
         2 Cup water. Set a side to cool

         pour over Cabbage + Freeze
                          Bob Gips recipe Bar Owner        

Notes: I didn't freeze because I had no room to. I did make the full vinegar and sugar mix so I'd be able to use it later but used only one cabbage. Note to self, label things so helpful kiddos don't dump out things you want to least he washed the container.

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