Dec 4, 2018

Florida - Homeschool Lessons

Florida is a huge part of our family history and has played an important part of my own life growing up. I spent many summers visiting my grandparents there and living life to the fullest back when you could walk into a Jr. Food barefoot, in a bikini top, and shorts to get a Dr. Pepper and a pack of Hubba Bubba Bubblegum. (My favorite flavors were chocolate mint and watermelon but that's neither here nor there.) As you can imagine my kids have grown up with stories of Wakulla Springs, Disney (before Epcot), St. Marks, blue crab festivals, white sand beaches, and all sorts of mischief one can get up to with an endless supply of palmetto darts. Fun times! It was no surprise when the kids wanted to learn more about the state that sired someone as colorful as my father. In response to their interest, I've collected a few books, and found a few websites that they have enjoyed quite a bit this year and in years past.

At the bottom, I've included pictures taken by myself or family members while visiting.

Coloring Pages:
Florida Crayola Coloring page
Florida map coloring page (has links to more FL related coloring pages)

Books we have used (either from the library or purchased):
The Barefoot Mailman - a fictional story
National Audubon Field Guide to Florida
World Almanac Florida
Indian Nations: The Story of the Seminole

Kindle books:
Wakulla: A Story of Adventure in Florida - a fictional story

Alligator sounds
Panther sounds
Deer sounds
Great Blue Heron sounds
Egret sounds

Youtube Videos:
Meet the Residents of the Everglades
What is a Florida Cracker
Florida Native Edibles
Seminole Indians, life, and culture of the Florida tribe, 1952

Seminole Tribe of Florida
Seminole Tribe Facts
Florida Department of state
Enchanted Learning: Florida

Food and Recipes:
(this is a topic I could go on and on and on about as I have grown up with a grandma that cooked amazing food, among my favorites that I've not included below are fried oysters, fried shrimp, banana pudding, fried okra, cornbread and blackeyed peas, cornbread with sweet milk (my grandfather liked buttermilk), and greens with cornmeal dumplings. I really could go on for days. lol)

Seminole Recipes
Seminole, Baconed Hominy
Seminoles Indians for kids - What did they eat?
Florida Hoe Cake -not the corn cake, this is more of what my grandma called a hoecake and that we ate as kids
canned mullet
Southern Beans and Snaps
Iconic Florida Foods
smoked mullet
12 Florida recipes everyone should know

Personal photos:

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