Jun 22, 2017

Water Challenge

As I've stated a few posts ago I've backslidden on my journey to a healthy me. So when a friend started a 5 day water challenge I jumped on it. Now I used to use a fancy filtered water bottle from Brita that I love dearly. I miss it. I just can't afford the filters anymore and it began whistling everytime I drank from it. This is great for my 7 year old daughter's giggle fits, not so great for my sanity. So now I have this not so new water cup from Murphy USA!

OKAY! Fine! I got the kids slushies when I got gas and then we went to Taco Bell and I got a Lemonade Mountain Dew slush thingy (among *cough*crunch wrap and naked chicken nachos*cough* I did share them though!). I then saw the posts about the water challenge, cringed, (I may or may not have finished my slush) then used my old cup (above), measured how many ounces it held (because of course this is the ONE THING you can't find on google!...Now watch one of my kids find it. *insert eyeroll*) and have learned it holds 20 ounces. I'm on cup two of water. My goal for today is 60, by the end of 5 days my goal is 100, but I'll be happy with 80. I am grateful to use this cup, not so proud I didn't think the day through, but YAY for tomorrow which is a new day. Now, if you will excuse me I have to use the little girls room.

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