Jun 21, 2017

Book Review: They All Saw A Cat

My son, the 11 year old new parent of a feline fur baby, picked this book to read at our local library. It is so far below his reading level that I admit I cringed. I let it go because, as a late reader, I don't much care what he reads as long as 1.he enjoys it and 2. he is actively reading. It doesn't hurt that his little sister is struggling too and this is right around her level. (As a late reader myself, I get it.) Now, that said, when I read this little book a few minutes ago at bedtime it became a conversation.
"Why does the snake see differently than the dog?"

"Wow! Do bees really see like that?"

"I don't think the dog likes the cat very much!"

What started as a simple, quick book turned into observations about how different animals see things. That conversation turned into how people see things differently. Just like that we had a life lessson amongst giggles and snuggles along with a couple of moments of pondering. It gave me warm fuzzies seeing my kids take a few minutes to learn how no one ever sees anything in exactly the same way as anyone else. As a mom I know they will forget this as soon as one irritates the other, however, for a few minutes, they saw eachother a little differently and they were smiling!

This little treasure gets a thumbs up from me for sure.

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Listen and attend with the ear of your heart -St. Benedict

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