Apr 9, 2019

Spring in Alabama - 10 Things Ya Oughta Know

Alabama in the spring, what can I say except that it is amazingly beautiful. There are blooms everywhere and the scent of growing things abound. I love it with all my heart. However, if my lovely Yankee friends ever decide to visit there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

1. Our flowers get here as early as February, so if you want to see the early flowers, well you have to get here before the first "official" day of spring. You might need shorts, you might need a coat, you will need an umbrella. The weather here is moodier than I was during my second pregnancy.

2. It gets hot, FAST. We will experience 90° heat well before the first official day of summer.

3. Pollen, loooooooots of pollen. It will cover anything and everything you leave outside. Your car will turn a yellow-green. Don't fight it. Accept it. The minute you wash it, it will rain, and then the pollen will laugh at your vain attempts to keep it at bay.

4. People hacking into tissues, with red eyes, sounding like frogs, because..... pollen. The only reason we don't hate those of you that don't have allergies is that we are too miserable to commit to that level of anything except relief.

5. Gardeners, we are friendly in the south and talk to everyone, the only thing gardeners love as much as digging in dirt is talking to anyone who will listen about our plans this year and how well ours are doing. It's a rule, and if we corner you in the gardening section just smile and nod. (I learned a lot that way.)

6. The start of May is when the pools, splash pads, and the like begin opening their doors. Many of us have already looking for relief, as I said before it's HOT! (It's only April 9th here and my kids are already playing in the hose and neighbors have their pools out.)

7. BBQ, you will start to smell the aroma of a carnivore's dream come true. Meat + Fire = Yes!

8. Mother Nature is very much a southern belle. You can't ever truly predict her. She never dresses in less than her best. She will arrive no sooner and no later than she decides. Her hissy fits are dangerous! But when she's sweet, maaaan she can make a ripe Chilton Co. peach look tart!*

9. June bugs! Those little buggers will fly into the house and bug the mess outta you! Their only redeeming value is when they fly straight into the ceiling fan, the thunk, and being flung to their demise all over the place like the tiny buzzing black ping pong balls they are. I just hate hate hate when they land on me! UUuuuuuggghhhh! Oh, it's also fun to watch the dog try to eat them, to her they are just fat juicy sky raisins.

10. Last but not least you start getting the afternoon/evening showers that cool everything down. Perfection is when you can sit on your porch swing listening to it hit an ol' tin roof, sippin' on sweet tea, the smell of the damp earth and honeysuckle with Patsy is playing in the background.

*Chilton Co. AL has the best peaches I've ever had. If you get the chance try some! (Oh, and not a sponsor, just tellin' it like I see it.)

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