Jun 14, 2018

bai Kula Watermelon - Product Review

We've all been there, the checkout line, absolutely dying to get home. It's hot outside and you just know the car is 1002°. Those drinks in the cooler are looking better and better. The other day, when my PA acclimated hiney was stressing in this AL heat I grabbed a Kula Watermelon bia. Soda makes me sick when it's too hot and this looked so pretty! It was pretty good, but not amazing good. Will I get it again? Probably not at the price it was. There are drinks I prefer to this one, but if someone handed me one or if it was this or a soda I'd go for it. It uses erythritol and stevia sweeteners instead of sugar. I, unfortunately, tend to be sensitive to sweeteners, thankfully this one didn't bother me outside of the mild aftertaste. Nothing to bad and for 10 calories per bottle, yeah, I can handle it. I also didn't realize it had caffeine in it before I downed it, because frankly, I didn't read anything on the label I just saw the pink liquid and went 'OOOOHHHHH PRETTY', exactly the same way my daughter did her blue tropical punch drink right there with me. Impulse buying at it's finest ladies and gentlemen. Not proud of it, but it is what it is.

It has 35 mg of vitamin C and of course the 100 mg of antioxidants advertised from coffefruit and white tea extracts. It was very refreshing and it didn't have an artificial watermelon flavor at all despite the aftertaste. In fact, I was impressed with how natural the watermelon taste was even if it was a tad watered down. That said I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a flavored water or not, but it does come across a bit watery if it isn't. It wasn't super sweet, which is good in my opinion, especially when dealing with the heat. Overall, I'd give it a 5 out of 10, and one of the biggest factors is the price. 

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