Aug 11, 2017

My 5 Favorite Catholic Sites

By Resolver-Aphelion - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Sometimes there is a spiritual itch that just has to be scratched and for those of us that live in predominantly protestant areas, it can be challenging to scratch it. My own library was once impressive, but after the move is sorely lacking. I don't always have access to the parish library. As a convert living in the Bible Belt the internet has been huge in helping me find what I need. My journey to the Catholic Church really was a time of discovery for me, and a time of not really knowing where or who to turn to. This was during the era of dial up, AOL, and as long as you could handle ads 100% free providers. (Thank you NetZero!) The resources available online were and are invaluable to me, and appreciated is an understatement. The sites I have included here have been huge on my journey to and being a part of the Roman Catholic Church. I hope you enjoy them also.

Sacred Space
Who: Irish Jesuits and Loyola Press
What: prayer site, an exercise in spiritual meditation
When: It's pretty much a go at your own pace prayer space.
How: Click the begin prayer button, the date, there is an option to print the prayer, to move on, or click Guide for deeper spiritual prayer. Adjustable setting help to create a personalized peaceful space. There is an app for smart phone users.
Why: Hands down the most peaceful place I've found on the internet to help me reconnect with God.
Where: Sacred Space

Come, Pray the Rosary
Who: Fr. Dave Heney and parishioners of the St. Paschal Baylon Church in Thousand Oaks, CA
What: Online rosary
When: When you have about 15-20 minutes to spare
How: Click Enter, choose language, chose worldwide or individual, and back ground, you can add intentions
Why: The Rosary is my favorite prayer. Knowing I can pray in communion with the faithful from all over the world helps to cement the truth that we are truly a Catholic church.
Where: Come, Pray the Rosary

EWTN Libraries
What: Online site for the EWTN this area has all kinds of historical documents and current reading
When: This site needs a little time. I tend to get lost reading and can spend hours here if not careful.
How: click the libraries link then search under whatever topic you are looking for
Why: There is so much here that I get lost routinely. It was one of the chief places I turned to for answers during my conversion.
Where: EWTN Libraries

Who: Bud MacFarlane and The Mary Foundation
What: Site dedicated to getting free materials out to teach the Catholic faith
When: Whenever you're looking for materials to encourage your faith journey topics from prayer to catechism
How: The first page is pretty self-explanatory, just click on what you are looking for (there is a shipping fee for the free materials)
Why: Very informative, and easy to navigate. The CD's are recorded in a way that makes you feel like you are there with them.
Where: Catholicity

Catholic Home Study
Who: Missouri Knights of Columbus and the Vincentians
What: free Catholic enrichment courses
When: it is work at your own pace, ordering the courses is fairly quick, then taking the online quizzes goes fairly quickly once you've studied the material
How: Enroll, they send you the materials, take the quizzes online when ready
Why: The go to source for me as I went through RCIA to supplement what I was learning in class
Where: Catholic Homestudy

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