Oct 1, 2016

The First Step

Every journey begins with a single step. - Confucious
About 2 years ago my life went from crazy and full to crazy and painful. My key sense of self had been completely destroyed as I learned my husband was not and could never be who I thought he was. I made a common mistake; I didn't have an identity outside of wife and mom. After trying to make things work, and failing, we decided divorce is best. He has since moved to another state and I've come back to AL. The three younger kids (2 boys 17, 11 and a girl 6) and I have reunited with my oldest son (24) and my mom in her home. Life was crazy as a trucker's wife, home school parent and a stay at home mom. I thrived on crazy. Now, well, I'm older, hopefully a little wiser and thankful things are starting to calm somewhat. I refuse to make life any harder and the goal is keeping things simple. This blog will be my sanity as the days and weeks unfold in the next chapter of our book. If you want, pull up a chair, or cozy up on the couch with your devise of choice, and set a spell. I'll give a a peek at the kinds of things you can expect here.

  1. Simple scripture/saint quote once a week on Sunday. I don't push it on anyone, but it's here for those of us who can use a reminder now and again. You will find splashes of my Christian southern roots here and there along with the Catholic faith I so love. Simply, I love Jesus, and I try to live as He would want. I fail, in fact I fail quite often, but I get up and keep trying again anyway. St. Therese of Lisieux's 'Little Way' (little things with great love) is how I try to live my life. (emphasis on try)
  2. Personal development, be it spiritual or practical will be things we talk about and share. Some of the topics I'm thinking about are personal finance, spiritual journaling, and household routines. If it helps us to grow in strength in any fashion it is on the table for discussion.
  3. Physical health will be a regular topic as well. In an effort to find me again I've gone back to the things that used to make me happy. Working out, hiking, swimming, and biking are all things I am finding again. (Albeit much more slowly.) I also want to be around to see and play with grandbabies.   
  4. Clean eating recipes and nutrition will also be on the menu. (Ha! See what I did there?....yeaaah that was bad, moving on...) It won't be 100% healthy because I'm human and, well chocolate. Bacon, bacon is good too. That said, I don't eat those things as often as I did so they won't be prominent. I do promise I don't eat bland, dull food and I won't share a recipe that I don't love. (Unless it's hilariously bad and think others would enjoy seeing a 'fail'.)
  5. Kiddos, and all the wonderful things that come with them. We will be sharing home schooling tips, crafts, parenting ideas, or even just a tender moment here or there because they are my inspiration and joy in life. I love making them smile and if something works for my kiddos, who knows, it might work for others.
  6. Miscellaneous, sometimes there might be a topic that doesn't fit any other category, but it's worth sharing. 
I'm just a girl with a blog, a family, a guinea pig and a dog, simply starting to live a simple life. I hope you join me.

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