Oct 9, 2016

Product Review: SUJA - Daybreak Probiotics

Where and Why: 
I bought this in the produce section of my local Wal-mart, and I freely admit it was an impulse buy. (I am sick of plain ol' water aaaallllllll the time!) I didn't read the whole label, because really with kids, who has time to read all that? I thought it looked busy and I almost didn't buy it because of the information overload. (I crave simple, just give me the basics, what you are, and what flavor.) What sold me was the short ingredient list and it's probiotic (even if I can't pronounce the type of probiotic used), and ....."ooooohhhh pretty!" (showing my total lack of reasoning skills). You would think with all the info happening on the label I'd notice cayenne........nope, not me. I completely missed it. 

The bottle front says: One Day Renewal, SUJA, Daybreak Probiotic, water, maple syrup, lemon, vegan probiotic cayenne, USDA Organic, Non GMO Project Certified, Cold Pressured Protected, fruit juice drink with probiotics............along with a bunch of other phrases like 'pucker up!' and 'can you cayenne?'. 

Nutrition Facts (if the amount is 0 I won't list it): 7% juice, serving size 1 bottle, calories 100, total carbs 25g 8%, Sugars 21g, calcium 6%, vitamin C 6%,

Ingredient List: purified water, organic maple syrup, organic lemon juice, probiotic bacillus coagulans gbi-30 6086, organic ground cayenne pepper

The directions said to shake well.........I apparently did such a fantastic job that the beverage overflowed with gratitude. So, shake well, but not toooo well (or open it over a sink). It wasn't explosive the way a soda would be, but it did take me by surprise. So heads up if you try it. I did mention that I didn't notice the word cayenne, right? Well, I took a huge, go for broke, swig, and immediately coughed, and *might* have said a four letter word. However, since I love cayenne (despite it's love hate relationship with me) I was not upset, just a bit surprised. I really liked it! There isn't a huge lemon, or maple flavor, it put me in mind of a flavored water type of thing. As I've mentioned I'm not going to eat or drink anything that doesn't have a flavor I enjoy. I enjoyed this. It actually is what gave me the idea to do product reviews. I won't say this is the most amazing thing I've ever had, because honestly that would be the margaritas I made for myself about 30 years ago when I didn't know the proper portions of alcohol to mix. (Those were amazing and to never, ever be repeated.) This drink on a scale of dirty dish water to my margaritas is a solid 8. I'll be buying this again. I feel it's healthier than more mainstream beverage options and the taste is pretty durn good too! Good job SUJA! 

It seems to be part of a recharge system they have that incorporates a noon and twilight drinks as well. You can find more information about them at their website Suja Juice 1-day renewal

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